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Short Time to Market
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Having Android & iOS mobile apps in just a few months
Your very own mobile app
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Mobile apps with your own name, brand & corporate identity
Reliable & Proven
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Used by multinational companies with million of users
Managed Service
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Developed, run, and managed by professional team
They all love alaCards and you will too because
Building mobile app with alaCards is like your own à la carte menu
Step 1: Choose your type
They all love alaCards and you will too because
It is just as simple as plug and play
Step 2: Choose your features
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They all love alaCards and you will too because
Should you have your own mobile app we can integrate
Step 3: Choose your redemption merchants
After all they all love alaCards because
it provides end-to-end loyalty solutions


Understand your needs and help you designing the system that suits you best


We develop back-end & mobile aplication, as a turnkey solution


We provid various platform that suit your needs and budget

Merchant Network

Connecting your loyalty sytem to more than 20,000 merchant stores

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