Building a good mobile app should not be expensive and Maintaining a relevant mobile app should not be cumbersome

alaCards is here to commoditize app building, so that a great looking app incorporated with the latest technologies can be easily implemented by every company.

We believe a great loyalty app should be able to cater all your marketing needs; from promotion, acquisition, referrals, retention to rewards programs.

Here with alaCards, we will provide you with the most comprehensive mobile application system. Simply put, let us take care of the tools so that you can focus on developing your marketing programs.

alaCards is the loyalty platform behind some of the high-profile loyalty programs in Indonesia such as: Allianz Smart Point (Allianz), AXA MORE (AXA), Alfagift (Alfamart), FWD MAX (FWD), HP Hero (HP), Shell Club Smart (Shell), Samsung Galaxy Gift (Samsung), Manulife MiMovePoints (Manulife), to name a few.

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